Experience the Magic of Balinese Cuisine

Get a taste of Balinese culture with Lesung Bali’s cooking classes. From local market tours to advanced cooking techniques, our classes will teach you the secrets of authentic Balinese cuisine. 

Learn how to cook authentic Balinese cuisine from the experts.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best culinary experience. Formed by culinary experts and food lovers, Lesung Bali offers a unique and authentic cooking program using fresh organic ingredients from our own farm.

Our Programs

Discover our unique and exciting training programs at Lesung Bali. Each program is specifically designed to provide an authentic and immersive culinary experience. Join us and enhance your cooking skills with delicious menus and organic ingredients from the Lesung Bali farm.


Experience the authentic Balinese way of cooking by visiting the traditional…


Join our afternoon class and farm tour to experience the traditional Balinese…


Join our evening class and farm tour to experience the traditional Balinese…

Bali-inspired Icon

Lesung Bali incorporates Bali-inspired icon in every class to provide an authentic and unforgettable culinary experience.

Organic Ingredients

Our ingredients are 100% organic and grown in the Lesung Bali farm, ensuring fresher and natural flavors in our dishes.

Professional Experts

Our professional experts have extensive knowledge and experience in traditional Balinese cuisine, and will guide you with patience and friendliness.

Captivating Location

Our location in the peaceful and beautiful Balinese countryside offers a more authentic culinary experience and connection with nature.

Unforgettable Experience

Join us and enjoy an unforgettable cooking experience in a relaxed and warm atmosphere.

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Learn to cook with Lesung Bali!

Discover the secrets of traditional Balinese cuisine with our expert chefs. Book your class now and experience the joy of cooking.